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Our Services

Father’s Love operates in person and remotely, in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Our program delivers 3 main services focused on prevention, intervention, and supporting family transitions. These services include educational sessions, mentorship and financial planning.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, please email us at [email protected]

Through in-person and online presence, we offer several parenting workshops that will benefit you. The focus is on financial planning and the promotion of well-being.  We will also direct you to relevant programs offered by other delivery partners.


We are committed to providing practical online resources that help fathers in their day-to-day lives.

Our resources include but are not limited to:

  • How-to videos (if we make videos vetted by publishing first)
  • Testimonies (what fathers have been through or dad’s going through our program)
  • Blogs
  • Information and referrals ( family challenges, and finances)

Community Partners

Through our local community networks, we will offer workshops and community events to single dads. Due to COVID-19, we plan to hold these events virtually.

There is no size-fit approach. Our team is well-equipped to listen to you, understand your specific needs, and connect you with someone who has gone through and will be able to help you based on a similar experience.

We believe we are stronger together.

The purpose of mentoring is to help support you. Our hope is to help you build knowledge, connection, and experience by pairing you with someone that is here to listen and help.

With this connection, you can gain knowledge and advice to accelerate your own growth as a father.

What is a mentor?

Our mentor’s main goal is to help you flourish, building skills, and to help you make better decisions.

Using life experience and knowledge along the way, your mentor will help you to navigate life now as a father and help you build a way that works for you.

How do we select the best mentor for you?

  • We look for their knowledge in the area that you would like to learn
  • Suitability with your personality
  • Knowing them can help accelerate your journey


Mentorship is beneficial to both mentor and mentee

Learn various strategies in parenting and navigating family

Enhances your communication

Networking with others in the house or within the community

Having a sounding board to help navigate challenges in your life

Gaining knowledge at a faster speed through mentors’ years of experience.

What to expect within the mentorship program?

The goal is to help you have the best experience with people that are here to help you.

The Steps to mentorship

  • Send a mentorship request through our website
  • You will be contacted within the week to set up a discovery call, and the mentorship process will be explained
  • Each request is discussed to find the best match for you
  • Your mentor reaches out to connect informally (by phone, in person or online)
  • Maintaining the mentorship relationship
    • 3-6 month mentorship period
    • Frequency to be determined by mentorship pair
    • Mode of service ( to be determined by mentorship pair)
    • Feedback requested to help better serve you

We understand that costing, budgeting, and financial literacy can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you have a strategy for achieving your short and long-term financial goals.

Budgeting Tips

Why is this important? It can reduce your stress and help you meet your current and future financial needs.

  • You can build a financial plan
  • We can assist you with budgeting tips
  • Refer you to a financial planning professional.

This is a judgment-free zone to help support you[


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